Babel Arts at WOMEX


We will represent our bands and projects at the stand of Mediaevent. This year the world music expo will be held in East-Europe for the second time. This gives us hope that our artists will receive more attention.


Art Forum


There is no other music meeting like this. The format and the surroundings of the forum gave mood and time to the participants to build real connections. Without real connections, there is no good business, at least in the world of worthy music.



Meszecsinka is one of the three Hungarian bands, chosen to play at Budapest Ritmo international showcase


Budapest Ritmo supports up and coming bands from the Central European region. On the 5th of October Hungarian and foreign bands selected by an international jury take the stage at Szimpla. Meszecsinka, Etnorom and Csángálló represent Hungary on the showcase.

Chalaban introducing their new album at the Palace of Arts


Gleimim, the title of Chalaban's new album, comes from the nickname of Saïd Tichiti's home town in Morocco, Guelmim. The city lies on the cusp of the desert and is a melting pot of Berber, Arab and African culture. The band was formed in Budapest 19 years ago and combines the traditions of the band members' homeland with music from the Carpathian Basin. 

BABEL SOUND: where the World comes together...


Babel Sound is a special event, organized every year at the lake Balaton in Hungary by our partner, Media Event. The bands connected to BabelArts are frequent guests of the festival. Let us introduce you the meeting of the folks.

"Babel" bands in Sicily - cultural exchange works!


As a result of cooperation between Alkantara in Italy and Babel Sound Festivals, there have been three bands playing in Sicily this year: Chalaban, Cirkusz-KA and Subhira. Both festivals are organized by the partners of BabelArts.


Maria Keck, the exceptional flamenco dancer and singer releases her new album


The new album of Maria Keck will be released in October by our partner Narrator Records. The record summarizes the ten-year work of Mária Keck through the Nuestro Aire formation to the De Cobre project. The guiding principle of the singer-dancer-choreographer's life is the flamenco with which she began to deal with in Budapest and which led her through Madrid to many countries in Europe (Germany, England, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania) and Argentina and Japan.