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Meszecsinka is one of the 12 best Hungarian worldmusic bands accoring to the WOMEX edition of Dal+Szerző magazine. The band’s name means „Little Moon” in Bulgarian.

Meszecsinka sings in seven languages (Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Arabian and their own), comes from four countries (Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland) and leads you into a Wonderland, where Bulgarian and Hungarian folk lives together with flamenco and psychedelics, Oriental and Experimental. 

The band tours frequently in many European countries. They visited the USA and Canada, recorded video on the Red Square in Moscow and a Balkan road movie . Their art video “Kinyílok (I open up) reached the sixth place on the videochart of World Music Network (UK) and fRoots Magazine (UK).

In 2015 Meszecsinka gave lessons and workshops about Hungary in schools and universities of Denmark. A new art video introduced Annamari’s passion towards Spanish music. Meszecsinka performed at WOMEX (World Music Expo) in Budapest. 

“Awake in a dream” is the newest work of the band, supported by the Armenian-Russian guitarist and producer Karen Arutyunyan. It was called “genius” by the Hungarian magazine HVG and “May be the best world music album of this year” by Magyar Narancs. 

In this album Meszecsinka goes deeper and higher into their unique magical world. A shamanistic video shot in sacred places of Hungary was presented on the New Year’s Eve of 2017. 

The year started for Meszecsinka in New York, where they performed at the APAP (Association of the Performing Arts Presenters) conference with great success.

Line up:

Annamária Oláh: vocal, flutes,
Emil Biljarszki – keyboards, guitar
Árpád Vajdovich – bass
Dávid Krolikowski – percussion

+ guest: Karen Arutyunyan – guitar



“…wild and messy, like the soundtrack to the rave at the end of the universe… an East

European Kate Bush or Cocteau Twins... trance-like atmospheres that recall the likes of

The Orb and Ozric Tentacles, with the band conjuring up huge waves of rushing sound.” Songlines Magazine UK

“…ecstatic self-awareness, lascivious dancing, blissfully screaming and staggering sensual happiness. The vocal magician is Annamaria, an elfin singer with flowing gestures, dances barefoot on the floor while her voice wanders with fluttering vibrato and throaty tone” Deggendorfer Zeitung DE

“Last night’s concert at Drom hit a harrowing peak with Hungarian trance-dance band Meszecsinka‘s frontwoman Annamaria Olah hidden behind her mane of long, flowing hair, wailing and flailing and crying out on the beat as her own voice echoed low and ominously in response, through a loop pedal. Although this was an intimate club gig with pristine sound, it was easy to imagine a hundred thousand people at some European summer festival flailing and swaying in unison in response to Olah’s passion onstage". NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

“I guess we have received the world music album of the year, as a punch in the stomach” Magyar Narancs.about “Awake in a dream”

“Meszecsinka entices you with sounds of magical and hypnotic quality” Journal Frankfurt DE

„It vibrates at a higher level than almost everything I’ve heard in the genre ... music, arrangement, voice and text releases categorization and unites in a sacred space." Lángoló Gitárok about “Awake in a dream”

„It's that kind of folk that sneaks up to the roots of wisdom teeth. Not with the songs for the tourists, but with dancing dervishes, moaning, ecstatic shamanism of the mediums. Or a soundtrack to the ritual execution." RU

“With her captivating interpretation and the mood spread in the audience, the band might fit on the stage of the world's major music festivals”. Freie Klaenge DE

“Awake in a dream” takes us to a fiery, mystical, oriental world, to the border between dream and waking." NOW Magazine

“The intimate and chanson moments come along with the sweeping, rockandroll riffs; a dense and palpable atmosphere pervades everything. Beyond the musical components there is the essence of the Paneuropean culture”. Brilliant album!” Lángoló Gitárok HU

 “First class world music” HU

“Intimate, acoustic and passionate moon” HU

“Specialists would call it psychedelic new wave folk”.

Fidelio HU