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For over a decade now, masters of groove and melodies, Naked have been creating World Music with skilled stylish cross-connection and a smooth music flow. 

From heavy funk madness, freaky jazz experiments and trippy dub psychedelics to beautiful violin trips, dark and deep clarinet raids and spaced-out saxophone sound. From here to there, out there and everywhere. 

With more than 400 concerts behind, dozens of official videos, numerous TV and live performances, Naked constantly give high octane party with great attitude. 

Naked grew from their Balkan music traditions, roots of funk and free jazz, the undeniable beats and odd rhythms, classical music along with African, Mediterranean and Eastern European musical heritage. 

The band started with six musicians in 2007, reflecting personal feelings and knowledge of the world around us. 

The strong vision resulted three album so far, and with few personal changes now stronger than ever the new album is ready to go outhere and share with the world.

With each entry, each new album, Naked has crafted wildly imaginative world of enlightenment, an engaged fan base and earned the love and respect of other artists. 

Coming out in January 2018, NarRator Records releases the brand new studio album with special guest on two bonus songs Tal Tula Ben Ari. 


Branislav Radojkovic – bass guitar
Djordje Mijuskovic - violin
Goran Milosevic - drums, percussion
Rastko Uzunovic - clarinet, saxophone